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Did You Know: In A Nigerian Village, Men and Women Speak Different Languages



– Unique language practice in Ubang community, Nigeria
– Men and women speak different languages, yet understand each other
– Language difference is a vital part of their cultural identity

In the heart of Cross River State, Nigeria, lies the Ubang community, comprising three villages: Okwersing, Ofambe, and Okiro, in Obudu Local Government Area.

This community is renowned for their remarkable cultural practice. For generations, they have maintained a unique language tradition, where men and women speak different languages. This phenomenon has fascinated linguists and anthropologists alike.

According to a community elder, “Our ancestors believed that speaking different languages would strengthen our bond and promote harmony in our community.”

This belief has been passed down through generations, and the community has managed to preserve this tradition, the elder added.

The men in the community speak Ofe, while the women speak Arasake, and it’s considered unlawful for either sex to speak the language not assigned to their gender.

Additionally, they use a general language called “Mete” for communication especially in public places. The Ubang language uniqueness is indeed phenomenal, making them the only community known to man where gender dictates the local tongue.

The community believes that their language came from God, and they’re determined to preserve it for future generations.

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PHOTOS: Plateau Lawmaker Gifts Daughter Brand-New SUV on Graduation Day



– Plateau lawmaker gifts daughter SUV for graduating from Lead British International School Abuja
– Mixed reactions on social media over extravagant gift
– Economic challenges in Nigeria fuel criticism

Plateau State lawmaker, Yusuf Gagdi, surprised his daughter Aisha with an SUV for excelling in her exams at Lead British International School Abuja.

He shared proud moments from her graduation ceremony on Instagram.

Aisha’s achievement in Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations earned her the luxury gift. Her father’s gesture sparked controversy on social media, with some questioning the extravagance.

Critics called the gift “absolute nonsense” amidst economic challenges. Others defended Gagdi, saying he celebrated his daughter according to his means.

Supporters argued that people celebrate their children according to their pockets. The debate highlights differing views on extravagant gifts.

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Battery Drain Alert: Tips to Extend Your Phone’s Life



Are you tired of your phone battery draining faster than ever? It’s not just about how you use your phone, but also about underlying factors affecting your battery life.

Here are the top 5 hidden factors behind your fast-draining phone battery:

1. Overcharging: Overcharging your phone can significantly reduce its battery lifespan, causing it to drain faster. “Avoid overcharging, as it can damage the battery’s internal cells”.

2. High Screen Brightness: High screen brightness is a major battery drainer, especially when used for extended periods. Dimming your screen or using auto-brightness can help conserve battery life.

3. Resource-Intensive Apps: Resource-intensive apps like social media and games consume battery power rapidly. Closing unused apps or using low-power modes can help mitigate this issue.

4. Poor Battery Calibration: Poor battery calibration can lead to inaccurate battery level readings and faster draining. Calibrating your battery regularly can help resolve this problem.

5. Outdated Software: Outdated software can cause battery drain due to inefficient power management. Keeping your phone’s software up-to-date can help optimize battery performance.

To maintain your phone battery’s performance and extend its lifespan, follow these simple tips:

– Charge your phone correctly: Avoid overcharging and keep your battery level between 20% and 80% if possible.

– Adjust your screen settings: Lower your screen brightness, use auto-brightness, or turn off adaptive brightness.

– Manage your apps: Close unused apps, use low-power modes, and limit background data usage.

– Update your software: Regularly update your phone’s operating system and apps to ensure efficient power management.

By identifying and addressing these hidden factors, you can optimize your phone’s battery performance, extend its lifespan, and enjoy uninterrupted usage.

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