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Zoleka Mandela’s Alleged List Of Mourners Not Wanted At Her Burial Surfaces



A granddaughter of Nelson Mandela, Zoleka, allegedly wrote a list of people not allowed at her funeral including her ex-husband and those who sexually abused her.

Zoleka was said to have kept a diary where she wrote down her thoughts and wishes, South African site, Zimoja, reported on Friday.

Before her death, she made a list of over 15 persons she did not want at her funeral.

It read, “I do not want the following people at my funeral or near my dead body.”

The list includes the name of her ex-husband and father of two of her kids, Thierry Bashala, and Leeroy Andie Cana, the father of her last child.

She also listed those she claimed sexually abused her, stating that those on the list with a dot against their names abused her sexually.

It read “FYI: These men sexually abused me!”

She further added to the list those that she is close to, including her sisters, dad, and stepmom.

Zoleka died at the age of 43 on September 25 after a long battle with cancer.

She was laid to rest on Friday, September 29, in a private burial.

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British Airways Flight Grounded in Lagos Due to Technical Fault



– British Airways flight delayed due to technical fault
– Passengers stranded at Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos
– Airline apologizes and re-accommodates passengers on other flights

A British Airways flight scheduled to depart for London from Lagos was delayed due to a technical fault, causing confusion and frustration among passengers.

The flight, which was scheduled to depart at 10:50 pm on Wednesday, June 19, was eventually canceled after 1:00 am, leaving many stranded.

However, most passengers have been re-accommodated on other flights, while the remaining affected passengers have been lodged in a hotel with their meals catered for since Wednesday.

According to a passenger, the airline is working hard to book the remaining customers on a flight as soon as possible.

The Regional Commercial Manager for Nigeria and Ghana, Mrs. Tutu Otuyalo, confirmed the development and apologized for the delay.

“We have been in contact with our customers to apologize for the delay to their flight, caused by a technical issue with the aircraft,” she said. “The safety of our customers is our top priority, and we would never operate a flight unless it is safe to do.”

In addition, Mrs. Otuyalo assured that the majority of customers have been re-accommodated on other flights, and the team is working hard to book the remaining customers on a flight as soon as possible.

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Celeste Arantes, Mother of Brazilian Soccer Icon Pele, Dies at 101



– Celeste Arantes, Pele’s mother, passes away at 101
– Pele’s eldest son, Edinho, pays tribute to his grandmother
– Arantes taught Pele the value of love and peace from a young age

Celeste Arantes, the mother of Brazilian football legend Pele, has passed away at the age of 101, her family announced in a statement on Friday.

Accordingly, Pele’s eldest son, Edinho, took to social media to pay tribute to his grandmother, saying “Rest in peace, grandma” and sharing a heartfelt photo of them together.

Moreover, Arantes gave birth to Pele when she was just 17 years old and went on to have another son, Jair, who passed away in 2020.

In a tribute to his mother on her 100th birthday, Pele wrote on Instagram, “From a young age, she taught me the value of love and peace.”

Additionally, Pele shared three photos of them together at different stages in his life, showcasing their strong bond.



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