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In order to excite palates and enhance the culinary experiences of Nigerian Consumers, Terra Seasoning Cube, one of Nigeria’s most admired seasoning cube brands has launched a new communication campaign themed “Unwrap Joy, Unleash Taste”.

This campaign endeavors to strengthen brand recognition while solidifying Terra Seasoning Cubes’ reputation as the ultimate seasoning of choice.

In a captivating culinary revelation, Terra introduces an enchanting campaign that transcends the ordinary. With an artistic narrative that harmonizes the act of cooking into a joyous expression of creativity, the campaign paints a vivid image of a kitchen transformed into a symphony hall, all guided by the magical touch of Terra Seasoning Cube.

The campaign showcases a protagonist seamlessly turning culinary chores into a joyful symphony with each sprinkle of Terra Cube marking an end to the erstwhile uninspired cooking experiences.

With the communication line “Unwrap Joy, Unleash Taste”, Terra has succeeded in changing the narrative by creating a culinary orchestra in the kitchen – painting a picture of the much over-looked and seemingly mundane ritual of unwrapping your seasoning cube and the immediate joy that is sparked by that action.

Spanning across a spectrum of media channels, the campaign resonates effortlessly with consumers due to its ingenious approach in conveying core brand messages – By unwrapping the cube, you are ultimately unwrapping the joy from within you as a result of the great taste you are about to unleash with Terra Seasoning Cube.

According to Probal Bhattacharya, Chief Marketing Officer, TGI Group, the campaign was creatively and carefully crafted to ensure that consumers realize that cooking doesn’t necessarily have to be a chore but a moment of joy.

“In an environment that can take a lot out of people, great-tasting food serves the role of providing the much-needed form of joy which is the essence of Terra Seasoning Cube. “Terra Seasoning Cube is a superior quality seasoning carefully formulated in a cube form that when unwrapped unleashes great taste, aroma and joy in every meal”.

“Cooking meals should not be mundane, so we encourage consumers to experience the joy of cooking a tasteful meal with Terra Seasoning Cube” he said.

Stressing further that with every purchase of Terra Seasoning Cube, consumers are buying not just a seasoning cube but investing in a product carefully crafted to complement their unique lifestyle.

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FG Clarifies Renaming of Murtala Muhammed Expressway



Minister Of Information
– FG denies renaming Murtala Muhammed Expressway after Wole Soyinka
– New road inaugurated by President Tinubu named Arterial Road N20
– Murtala Muhammed Expressway remains unchanged

The Federal Government has dispelled rumors that the Murtala Muhammed Expressway in Abuja was renamed Wole Soyinka Way.

The government clarified that the renaming of the expressway was never considered by the current administration.

Instead, a new road was inaugurated by President Bola Tinubu on June 4, 2024, which was named Arterial Road N20.

This new road connects the Outer Northern Expressway to the Northern Parkway and was named after Prof. Wole Soyinka.

The confusion arose from a proposal by the FCT Minister, Nyesom Wike, during the inauguration, which was approved by President Tinubu. ”

The government emphasized that the Murtala Muhammed Expressway remains unchanged, honoring the legacy of the former Head of State, Gen. Murtala Ramat Muhammed.

Therefore, the Arterial Road N20 is named after Prof Soyinka.

The Murtala Muhammed Expressway remains unchanged, the government stressed.


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Rivers State on Edge as Youths Storm LG Headquarters Amid Tenure Crisis



Rivers State Governor
– Tension rises in Rivers State as youths occupy LG headquarters
– LG chairmen refuse to vacate office despite expiration of tenure
– Police deploy security operatives to maintain peace

Tension mounted in Rivers State on Monday as youths occupied the Degema Local Government Area headquarters, demanding that the council chairmen vacate office.

The youths, who were seen singing war songs, barricaded the entrance and vowed to remain until Wednesday.

The crisis follows the expiration of the tenure of local government chairmen in the state, with the chairmen refusing to step down citing a new law passed by the state House of Assembly.

The law empowers them to extend their tenure by six months, a move opposed by Governor Siminalayi Fubara.

In a similar development, youths stormed the Asari-Toru Local Government Area headquarters, occupying the building and vowing to resist any attempt by the council chairman to remain in office.

The situation was tense but peaceful, with security operatives deployed to maintain order.

Meanwhile, the outgoing chairman of Eleme LGA, Obarilomate Ollor, warned those eager to throw him out of office not to come close to the council, threatening to unleash terror on such invaders. “Some people are ganging up, they want to use force to enter into the local government, If you go there against the law, what you will see you will not believe it.”

The police have urged everyone to maintain peace in the state, with the spokesperson, Grace Iringe-Koko, saying “Our men were on a show of strength this morning. We are still monitoring the situation.”


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