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German Arrested In France For Holding Wife Captive For 12 Years



French police on Monday said they had arrested a 55-year old German national after his wife was discovered naked and with broken bones following 12 years in captivity at the couple’s home.

A police source said the woman, also German, was found with her head shaved in a bedroom of the apartment, had multiple injuries, including broken bones, and was undernourished.

She had probably been tortured, the source said.

The state of her health was “not good”, local prosecutor Olivier Glady told AFP after her examination by the local forensic medicine service.

Police said the bedroom and other rooms in the apartment were closed off with metal wire at the flat in Forbach in eastern France, near the German border.

There were around 10 cats in the apartment, Glady said.

A police source said the woman, who is 53, got access to a phone and called police in Wiesbaden, western Germany, who in turn alerted their French colleagues.

She was rushed to hospital with fractures in both legs, and her fingers.

Over the years, the man had told everyone in the building that his wife had cancer, said Alicia, a neighbour.

“I never saw the lady, I don’t think she ever left the house,” she said.

“Sometimes I heard screams,” Alicia said, but added that she thought they were caused by the illness.

About the man, she said: “Very polite, nice”.

Erika, another witness who lives in an adjacent street, said she last saw the woman “maybe 10 years ago”, and thought that “maybe she had died, or moved out”.

Police are building a case against the man for kidnapping, aggravated rape, and acts of torture and barbarism, French broadcaster BFMTV said.

Broadcaster RMC said police found a diary-type notebook in which it was believed the man kept a record of his actions and of the times he gave his wife food but the prosecutor did not confirm this.

The man is jobless and believed to have worked in German industry previously, Glady said.

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British Airways Flight Grounded in Lagos Due to Technical Fault



– British Airways flight delayed due to technical fault
– Passengers stranded at Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos
– Airline apologizes and re-accommodates passengers on other flights

A British Airways flight scheduled to depart for London from Lagos was delayed due to a technical fault, causing confusion and frustration among passengers.

The flight, which was scheduled to depart at 10:50 pm on Wednesday, June 19, was eventually canceled after 1:00 am, leaving many stranded.

However, most passengers have been re-accommodated on other flights, while the remaining affected passengers have been lodged in a hotel with their meals catered for since Wednesday.

According to a passenger, the airline is working hard to book the remaining customers on a flight as soon as possible.

The Regional Commercial Manager for Nigeria and Ghana, Mrs. Tutu Otuyalo, confirmed the development and apologized for the delay.

“We have been in contact with our customers to apologize for the delay to their flight, caused by a technical issue with the aircraft,” she said. “The safety of our customers is our top priority, and we would never operate a flight unless it is safe to do.”

In addition, Mrs. Otuyalo assured that the majority of customers have been re-accommodated on other flights, and the team is working hard to book the remaining customers on a flight as soon as possible.

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Federal Govt Puts Three Presidential Aircraft Up For Sale



– FG puts three presidential jets up for sale
– Move aimed at reducing maintenance costs
– Proceeds to fund purchase of new aircraft

The Federal Government has decided to sell three ageing aircraft from the presidential fleet to reduce maintenance costs.

The aircraft, including a Boeing 737 BBJ, Gulfstream, and Falcon 7x, will be sold through a US-based airline marketer, JetHQ. The sale is expected to generate funds for the purchase of new aircraft.

Meanwhile, the presidential fleet has come under scrutiny due to its poor condition, with at least half of the aircraft deemed unserviceable or failing.

Legislators have called for the modernization of the fleet, citing safety concerns after several incidents involving the current aircraft. The government has received preliminary offers for the aircraft and is seeking optimal deals.

The sale of the aircraft is a controversial move, with some lawmakers arguing that it is insensitive to the economic hardships faced by the populace.

However, officials insist that the sale is necessary to ensure the safety of national leaders.

“We must press for a better deal instead of rushing to have a bad deal for the government,” an official involved in the process said.

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