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Tell Me This A Prank, I Am So Devastated – Friend To Doctor Who Died In Elevator Accident Mourns



Queen Eddie, a friend to the deceased doctor, Vwaere Diaso, who died Tuesday, following an elevator accident at the Lagos General Hospital in Odan, has taken to social media to mourn the unexpected passing of her friend.

Eddie in a series of tweets, Tuesday, recounted the sad incident, adding she had yet to come to terms with the sad news.

Retweeting a photo of herself with the deceased taken in 2021, Eddie wrote: “RIP baby girl. I’m so devastated. Oh my God!!!!!! @yray_diaso .

In another tweet, she wrote: “@yray__
. Yesterday was a blur. When I heard the news I screamed. I was in great disbelief. I didn’t want to acknowledge the lies. I called Imaobong immediately. But immediately she picked and I heard her cries. My world came crashing down. Where do I even begin? How do I describe how awesome you are as a person and as a friend?

“Everyone that ever met you complimented you. You were truly an amazing person. You brought happiness and sunshine to everyone you have ever been with. I remembered this picture two years ago, I was stuck in Lagos traffic for three hours. But you still waited for me despite how tight your schedule was as a medical student.

“I appreciated how understanding and all-around awesome you are. We met at the basketball court in Babcock at my 100 level. We complimented each other and you always had the most amazing vibes. With you every time was superb.

“You were an amazing basketballer and teammate. We became closer off-court and hung out all the time despite the fact you were a medical student with your tight schedules, you were still always friendly and social. Not for once have I seen you without a smile on your face.

“I’ve always had it difficult making female friends but with you, there was ease and a great sense of sisterhood. You were beautiful with your brain. A very academically inclined person with the dream of saving lives until Nigeria took it away from you. Whenever we saw we’d scream and hug each other because honestly, you were my best girl.

“Plus we were both dark-skinned and tall so we use to lie that we are sisters. But you truly were my sister. So tell me why? Why. Why the cold hands of death decided to take you away from me? Why?

“Why? You promised to be my doctor in the future. I remembered celebrating your birthday. We never knew it would be your last. Oh, God. I’ve been crying nonstop all through the night. I’m so weak. My pillow is soaked with my tears. YRAY tell me it’s a lie. A joke. A prank.

“You were two months to complete your medical housemanship and now you’ve left me alone in this cruel world. How do I recover? How can I get you back? If I could sell all I had just to have you back, I would.

“You were such an epitome of perfection. The best daughter a parent can ask for. You walked with God faithfully. You’d always encourage me to have a better relationship with God. So why would this happen to you? I’m in so much pain I can’t even explain it. My eyes are heavy, my nose is blocked and my mouth is dry.

“My heart tainted with the darkest grief I’ve felt in a long while. God. Why??? Noooooo!!! I…mehnnnn!!!! I’m empty. I don’t wish this pain on anyone. She didn’t deserve this. She was perfect. I bragged about her all the time. My shining star! A true friend that’s come through for me. Why would Nigeria take you Away from me?

“This same Nigeria you planned on leaving to work abroad, killed you for me. Your death could have been avoided. Goddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS F..KING COUNTRY. F…K!!!!!!! WHY SHOULD MY BABY GIRL FALL FROM THE TENTH-STOREY FLOOR TO THE GROUND FLOOR IN AN ELEVATOR IN THE HOSPITAL!???!!! Why would she die like that? Why??????

“She doesn’t deserve it!!! Yray doesn’t deserve it. F…K THEM ALL! EVERYONE IS INVOLVED IN THIS!!!! from the hospital management board to the elevator company, my God will judge you…!!!! Ahhhh!!!! God! My sweet Yray. Rest easy, Queen. I’ll never forget you. I’d always love you. May you find peace in the bosom of Christ Jesus. Thank you for being such amazing,” Eddie concluded.

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