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TGI Underscores Value Of Terra Seasoning Cubes



TGI Group, makers of Terra Seasoning cubes, has reiterated the value of the product for its customers saying it makes every meal cooked a masterpiece.

The group executive director, TGI, Deepanjan Roy, said the success of the products is a result of the company’s resolve to put the interests of its consumers first by seeking ways to continually excite them with products that add value to their lives.

“At TGI Group, we understand the importance of superior value to our customers. That is why we have continued to invest in research and innovation to create a seasoning cube that stands out with a distinctive taste, flavour and aroma like Terra Seasoning Cubes,” he said

For chief marketing officer, TGI Group,  Probal Bhattacharya the company will continue to maintain the standards that have positioned Terra Seasoning Cubes as the fastest-growing seasoning in the Nigerian market.

“I would say quality and value are, primarily, the essential components for success with consumers. Our range of Terra Seasoning Cubes resonates with our consumers because of both the quality & consistency it delivers and the value it adds to everyday cooking,” he said.

According to TGI Group, when it comes to cooking, seasoning cubes are a real delight, they are an integral part of any cuisine. Not only do they add taste and aroma to your variety of meals, but also create a delicious flavour profile to dishes making them a staple in any kitchen.

It also stated that amongst the array of seasoning cubes in the market, very few have stood apart like Terra Seasoning Cube. ‘‘Terra Seasoning Cube gained a reputation for its superior quality and unique taste with its combination of natural ingredients, exciting flavours, and versatility.

seasoning to elevate the taste of your dishes and transform your meal into a delicious and flavourful masterpiece.

The company further states that Terra Seasoning Cubes’s commitment to quality and taste has earned it a loyal customer base in Nigeria. Most caterers and homemakers have committed to using Terra seasoning Cubes due to its unique blend of spices and herbs that allows them to create delicious and flavourful dishes.

The brand’s dedication to quality has earned it several awards, including winning the Outstanding Seasoning Cube Brand of the Year in 2022.



SEC Urges Capital Market Stakeholders To Embrace Innovation For Sustainable Growth



– SEC urges capital market operators to embrace innovation
– Regulatory Incubation programme to support fintech businesses
– Risk management frameworks essential for market stability

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has emphasized the importance of innovation in driving sustainable growth and development in the capital market.

According to the Director General, Emomotimi Agama, innovation is crucial for efficiency, transparency, and resilience in the market.

Agama stressed that the SEC is committed to supporting innovation and growth through its Regulatory Incubation programme, which allows fintech businesses to operate within a controlled regulatory environment.

This programme aims to ensure investor protection and market stability while fostering financial technology advancements.

The SEC’s efforts are guided by the Revised Capital Market Master Plan (CMMP 2021-2025), which prioritizes technology and innovation to expand the depth and breadth of the Nigerian capital market.

Agama warned stakeholders about associated risks, such as cybersecurity threats and regulatory complexities, and emphasized the need for robust risk management frameworks.

“In its efforts to support innovation and growth in the market, the SEC has established a programme of assessment called Regulatory Incubation to help new fintech businesses,” Agama said.

The SEC will ensure appropriate safeguards are in place to protect investors and maintain market stability.



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Letshego Launches Rewarding Promo



– Letshego Microfinance Bank launches ‘Save & Win Promo’ to reward customers
– Customers can win cash gifts and grand prizes by maintaining a minimum deposit and completing transactions
– Promo aims to encourage financial discipline and savings culture

Letshego Microfinance Bank Nigeria has launched a new promo to reward its customers for their loyalty and savings.

The ‘Save & Win Promo’ will run for the second half of the year, with exciting cash gifts and grand prizes to be won.

To qualify for the promo, customers must maintain a minimum deposit of N50,000-N200,000 and complete five transactions using their Letshego debit card.

New customers can open an account at any Letshego branch or register on the Letshego Digital Mall.

The promo is part of Letshego’s commitment to encouraging financial discipline and rewarding customers.

According to the Managing Director, Nkosana Ndlovu, “We believe the Save & Win Promo will encourage savings culture and enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.”

The grand prizes include N5m, N2.5m, and N1m, which will be awarded in the final draw in December. Monthly draws will also be held, with 10 customers winning cash gifts of N100,000 each.

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