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EFCC partners Ghana to curb financial crimes in West Africa



The acting Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Abdulkarim Chukkol, on Tuesday, called for strong partnership and cooperation among law enforcement agencies across West Africa.

Chukkol made the call while declaring open a Peer Exchange Programme organised by the EFCC for Ghana’s Economic and Organised Crime Office, at the Rockview Hotel, Abuja.

He noted that such an alliance will be instrumental in combating economic and financial crimes in the region.

He said: “This study tour holds immense importance as it offers the unique opportunity to engage in peer learning through the exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices in the field of law enforcement and anti-corruption efforts.

“I believe together we can contribute to strengthening the fight against economic and financial crimes and the promotion of the rule of law in our respective countries,” Chukkol said.

The EFCC boss stated that the study tour will create valuable insights that could help refine approaches and enhance the capabilities of the respective agencies.

He said: “We aim to foster long-term collaborations and establish enduring relationships that extend beyond the duration of this visit. There is no doubt that the benefit of this study will extend to both our agencies and our nations at large. As neighboring countries within the West African region, learning from each other’s successes and challenges can help us strengthen the foundation of our law enforcement systems and build a better future for our societies.”

Chukkol further said the peer exchange programme signifies a shared commitment to a world free from economic and financial crimes. “Let us all embrace this study tour as an opportunity to forge new connections, share knowledge and embark on a journey of mutual growth and progress,” he added.

In her remark, the Executive Director, EOCO, Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah, stressed the importance of collaboration and cooperation among nations and institutions in surmounting the challenges affecting the West-African sub-region.

She noted that such collaborative arrangement provides a platform for learning and sharing relevant experiences and expertise which are essential for combating crime from a law enforcement perspective.

She further called for collaboration among the agencies in tackling the menace of cybercrime which, according to her, has become a huge threat in Africa.

“With regards to the theme of the exchange programme, I wish to state that I will be particularly interested to know how our two institutions can collaborate to curb the emergence of cybercrime which in recent times has become a looming threat in our sub-region,” Addo-Danquah said.


Pornography Deadens The Brain, Kills Wisdom And Intelligence — Dr Chris Okafor



Pornography Deadens The Brain, Kills Wisdom And Intelligence -- Dr Chris Okafor

Popular cleric, Dr Chris Okafor is not happy that the world has allowed itself to be esnared by the unholy lure of pornography which he says is evil in it’s entirety.

Dr Okafor, a well known prophet who is the founder of the Grace Nation Church International, Lagos is as alarmed by the rising percentage of the world’s population hooked on pornography as the damage it is doing to their mental faculties.

He describes the trend — fostered mainly by the internet — as horrific especially when considered that it has been allowed to gain a foothold even amongst christians who he says should know better.

Dr Okafor did not mince words in condemning pornography and the decadence it promotes, insisting that it is wholly a demonic agenda.

“Pornography is the devil’s own agenda to pollute the human race before God. God is holy and those who must worship and serve him must do so in spirit and in truth,” Okafor told a full house of worshippers while teaching on the subject “Faculties Of The New Man In Christ,” during a recent Sunday service.

“Pornography and all other sexual sins like homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, masturbation, incest and others is an aberration as it contradicts God’s original plan and purpose for man.

“Pornography is not only a sin, it is a killer. It deadens the brain, kills intelligence and completely erodes one’s ability for rational thought. As a matter of fact, it is a dangerous pastime for anyone, particularly christians to engage in,” he admonished.

He did not also spare the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) adherents who he described as straying from God’s agenda for man.

“I have heard people say it is their sexual preference to engage in same-sex relationship or marriages. How come? Now, let me ask. What was God’s original plan for man as per the issue of relationships? In Genesis 2:24, God made it explicitly clear that He favoured a relationship between man and woman by the very act of creating Eve — a woman — as the fit and proper person to live with Adam — a man.

“So, God created Adam and Eve, and not Adam and Steve. We must, therefore, know where God stands on the issue. And where God stands on an issue must always guide our actions and the way we live in this world,” he added.

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PHOTOS: Plateau Lawmaker Gifts Daughter Brand-New SUV on Graduation Day



– Plateau lawmaker gifts daughter SUV for graduating from Lead British International School Abuja
– Mixed reactions on social media over extravagant gift
– Economic challenges in Nigeria fuel criticism

Plateau State lawmaker, Yusuf Gagdi, surprised his daughter Aisha with an SUV for excelling in her exams at Lead British International School Abuja.

He shared proud moments from her graduation ceremony on Instagram.

Aisha’s achievement in Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations earned her the luxury gift. Her father’s gesture sparked controversy on social media, with some questioning the extravagance.

Critics called the gift “absolute nonsense” amidst economic challenges. Others defended Gagdi, saying he celebrated his daughter according to his means.

Supporters argued that people celebrate their children according to their pockets. The debate highlights differing views on extravagant gifts.

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